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Events > Impulse - 2021-22 Australian Championships SLMASC, NSW > Impulse

From State Skipper Crew
336 Lil Ripper
Master Big River SC NSW Bryan Linnett
453 Mr Plow
Grand Master Tweed Valley SC NSW Peter Fell
538 Red Dog
Master Albert SC VIC Paul Farrell
543 Cuttlefish
Master Bendigo YC VIC Matthew Farrington
567 Alive & Kicking
Master (L) Royal Melbourne YC, VIC VIC Monica Jones
575 Good Vibes
Master Oxley SC QLD Richard Hoe
604 Ripper
GG Master South Gippsland YC VIC Geoff Rippingdale
623 Shuttle Bus
Grand Master TBC VIC Michael Wright
634 Sapphire
Senior Oxley SC QLD Connor Eaton
649 Too Hard Basket
Senior Rhyll SC VIC Matt Draper
658 Tunnel Vision
GG Master Teralba ASC NSW Gary Bellamy
684 Old School
Senior SLMASC NSW Perin Hardie
688 Incognito
Senior Teralba ASC NSW Guy Bellamy
701 Boaty McBoatface
Senior Darling Point SS QLD Andrew Turnbull - Miller
712 Motorboat
Grand Master SLMASC NSW Bruce McArthur
720 Future Shock
Master Darling Point SS QLD David Harrison
722 Cosmos Factory
TBC TBC NSW Mark (Freddy) Phillips
725 Saucy Jack
GG Master SLMASC NSW John Wallace
727 Ignition
GG Master SLMASC NSW Alan Caldwell
728 Beast
Grand Master Bendigo YC VIC Russell Denholm
730 Crime Scene
Master SLMASC NSW Dean Crowley
734 Midnight Express
Grand Master Wangi Wangi ASC NSW Mark Skelton
737 King Brown
Senior SLMASC NSW Michael Brown
738 #fatbouysailing
Grand Master Big River SC NSW Robert (Gus) Young
740 This is the Way
Master Big River SC NSW Scott Hinton
744 Hot Stuff
GG Master Gosford SC NSW Chris Meech

Total boats: 26

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