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NSWIODA Traveller's Trophy 4
26-Feb-2017 - 26-Feb-2017

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Sail No Boat Name Boat Type Sub Class From Skipper Crew
1028 Ponyo
WSC Harper Norman
108 tudor
GRSC Brayden Downing
1085 Bumble bee
SLMASC Jessy Hillhouse
1094 Rusty
SLMASC Ruby Cowan
1102 Bolt
GRSC Ben Kernohan
1211 The Beast
RPAYC Nathan Pearce
1290 Funky Monkey
SLMASC Daniel Evans
1294 Wave Runner
SLMASC Dylan Ryan
1309 For the wind
RSYS Douglas Cassidy
1317 Intense
HHSC Elizabeth Cole
1325 Orion
HHSC Isaac Freeman
1332 Starlight
hhsc Stella Hurley
1348 Jaws
HHSC Nicolas Livermore
1384 Wee 1
WSC Roan Tucker
1457 Weather Oar Knot
NSC Grace Morrow
1466 Commando
RPAYC Kye Williams
1472 Ratchet
SLMASC Asher Ryan
1473 Thing a me bob
SLMASC Joel Beashel
1476 Pegasus
HHSC Isabella Durran
1512 Ascham 8
Ascham Eliza Kwek
1513 Ascham9
Ascham Alannah Ding
1526 Misty Seas
GSC Alex Wyer
1548 Wobbegong
NSC Xinqi Li
1564 Benny Buoy
GRSC Benjamin Costandi
1602 Aldabra
HHSC Claudia Freeman
1605 I Wanted a Pony!
DAC Darcy Robbins
1605 I Wanted A Pony!
DAC Darcy Robbins
1611 Shimmer
HHSC Caitlin Nash
1620 Under the Radar
GSC Logan Radford
1622 Round the Twist
GSC Miles Greenwood
Scots Archer Pullen
The Scots College Thomas Whitehead
Scots College Ben Crafoord
WSC Charlie McKechnie
WSC Ruben Mead
WSC Harrison Bathgate
1667 Pocket Rocket
GRSC Ellen Murray
1674 Bumble B
RSYS Benedict McKay
1676 Longreach
GRSC Cameron Scade
1696 Fast Forward
GRSC Hayley Messenger
Reece Hartnett
GRSC Ava Whitten
1702 Hatchet
SLMASC Oliver Rose
1703 Quick Wat
SLMASC Morgan Rose
1705 Ascham 11
WSC Emma McKechnie
Ascham Heidi Ferguson
1730 Wild Ox
DAC Spencer Oxnam
1733 Stingray
GSC Harry Wyer
1736 Bob
GRSC Hannah Kernohan
SLMASC Logan McLean
678 Mr Monster
NSC Rose Boyce
WSC Lucy Ferguson
708 Blaze
NSC Goh Nathan
746 Albatross
HHSC Alba Falkenmire
797 Green Eyed Monster
GSC Kye Rivers
NSC Lachlan Fraser
872 Where's Wally
RPAYC Walter Tuite
883 Iceberg
RPAYC William Troop
946 Tucker Box
WSC Jago Tucker

Total boats: 60

Sail No Boat Name Boat Type Sub Class From Skipper Crew
1038 Trigger Happy
NSC Keizo Tomishima
1195 Lightning
WSC Samual Ezra
1248 DE'JA' VU
GRSC Joshua Whitten
1276 Vitesse
DAC Ethan Lozevski
WSC Mitchell Kruse
1385 Redback
RSYS Chapman Tanner
1419 Ten8cious
WSC Nate Brown
1421 Mojo
HHSC Belle Parker
1435 Firefly
DAC Aiden Hodzic
1436 Evolution
RPAYC Bella Holdsworth
1476 Pegasus
Isabella Durran
1502 Optimized 2.0
RPAYC Morgan Wells
1551 Sketchy
RPAYC Fletcher Walters
1559 Faster than a Bullet
NSC Angus Brewer
1587 No excuse
SLMASC Dary Hillhouse
RPAYC Cooper Bellingham
NSC Finbar McLeay
1600 CIK
SLMASC Trent Beashel
1604 Blossom
RPAYC Olivia Williams
1619 Need For Speed
RPAYC Oliver Gordon
1628 Boat
RSYS Vaughan O'Shea
1631 Sea Ya Later
GSC Bridget Conrad
1633 Afterburn
WSC HHSC Rohan Stannage
WSC William Destro
1650 Weather or Knot
WSC George Calligeros
1669 Whisper
WSC Luca Gambacorti
1679 Knot Tide Up
WSC Ian Louis
1683 Cold Fusion
RPAYC Bella Green
1685 Fairwinds
WSC Finley Scade
Caitlin Hartnett
1709 Groova 2
RSYS Paul Davison
1715 Aloha
NSC Jack Ferguson
1716 Get Sirius
NSC Mina Ferguson
1729 Silver Arrow
RPAYC Bayley Taylor
1731 Skullduggery
RPAYC Oscar Verity
1743 Like A Boss
GRSC Ryan Ewings
1747 The Phoenix
RPAYC Ellis Merrett
1756 TBA
SYC Adelaide Pullin
433 Thunder
WSC Finn Jones
642 Unsinkable Marshmellow
NSC Thomas Westwood
898 Ba Boom
RPAYC Eva Attwood

Total boats: 42


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