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Sabot NSW State Title Series 2019-2020
02-Nov-2019 - 09-Feb-2020

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Sail No Boat Name Boat Type Sub Class From Skipper Crew
1243 Jus Cruisin
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Caitlin Gong
1317 Collision King
1-Up Vaucluse A12SC Maximo Ugarte
1365 Rambo II
1-Up Drummoyne SC Max Lane
1404 Sabotage
1-Up Wangi ASC Chris Olde
1477 Missing in Action
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Sean McKeon
1495 Eraser
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Jack Restuccia
1503 Aqua Marine
1-Up Drummoyne SC Lucy Nelson
1519 Pacman
1-Up Narrabeen SC Alec Huxley
1531 IBoat
1-Up Drummoyne SC Evie Doolan
1559 Fast N Furious
1-Up Drummoyne SC James Medland
1571 Stinger
1-Up Drummoyne SC Simon Clayton-Adam
1587 Two Seagals
1-Up Drummoyne SC Juliette Plumsted
1599 Thunderstruck
1-Up Vaucluse A12SC Max Nearn
2326 Blue Devil
1-Up Drummoyne SC Joshua Green
2388 Silverfish
1-Up Lake Macquarie YC Christian Spencer
2426 Two Easy
1-Up Gosford SC Jonathon Luther
2502 Sizzling Marshmallow
1-Up Wangi ASC Marshall Day
2577 Xtatic
Lake Macquarie YC Sebastian Spencer
2582 Audacious
1-Up Wangi ASC Lewis Abbott
2587 A1
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC / HHSC Healy Ryan
2594 Guess Who
1-Up Wangi ASC Matilda Thorn
2609 Step Aside
1-Up Wangi ASC David Abbott
2618 Black Diamond
1-Up Wangi ASC Keisha Day
2619 Afterburn
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC / HHSC Toby Ryan
5514 Infinity
1-Up Vaucluse A12SC Luella Ugarte
7009 Riptide
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Ethan Vaccaro
7014 Viper
1-Up Drummoyne SC Nick von Behr
7015 The Invisible Hand
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Miles McKeon
7017 Need For Speed
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Millie Cullinane
7018 Raptor
1-Up DPSS / BSS Edwin Yoshida
7022 Synergy
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Zara Coates
7031 Shooting Star
1-Up Wangi ASC Finn Pirret
7032 Hot Chocolate
1-Up Gosford SC Henri Dehe
7037 Miles Away
1-Up Gosford SC Miles Greenwood
7038 Imagine That
1-Up Southport YC Sophie Whitmore
7039 Black Pearl
1-Up Wangi ASC Smith Davies
7042 Dangerzone
1-Up Vaucluse A12SC Isabelle Badger
7043 Kekipi
1-Up Vaucluse A12SC Charlie Paul
7044 Spot On
1-Up Vaucluse A12SC Sophia Ugarte
7046 Back in action
1-Up Vaucluse A12SC Zac Golovsky
7049 Hornet
1-Up Wangi ASC Sebastian Hornsby
7059 Tomahawk
1-Up Southport YC Thomas Whitmore
7078 Kelson's Boat
1-Up DPSS / BSS Kelson Eaton
7079 Red Herring
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Ed Coates
7080 Eat My Bubbles
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Makenzie Mayne
7091 Raging Bull Ant
1-Up Wangi ASC Leo Pirret
7106 Predator
1-Up DPSS / BSS William Yoshida
7115 Usual Suspect
1-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Tomas Armitstead
7117 Blue Bottle
1-Up Drummoyne SC Oscar Moy
7122 Carbon Copy
1-Up Gosford SC Jacob West
7128 Supersonic
1-Up Vaucluse A12SC Jamie (JJ) Bando
7129 Vitamin C
1-Up Queens Lake SC Charlie Nosworthy

Total boats: 52

Sail No Boat Name Boat Type Sub Class From Skipper Crew
7004 Slippery Little Sucker
Sabot 2-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Bailey Mayne Emily Armistead
7011 Titan
Sabot 2-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Lachlan Dyer Flynn Beck
7016 Poker Face
Sabot 2-Up DPSS / BSS Laken Eaton Sarah Doolan
7116 Adventure Time
Sabot 2-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Eoin Cullinane Lucas Wood
9017 Firebolt
Sabot 2-Up Lane Cove 12FTSSC Vanessa Hutton Iris Hamilton

Total boats: 5


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