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Boat Name (Club)
1 NLSC boat 6 (NLSC)
Alexander Yates
1243 Just Crusin (LC12ftSSC)
Caitlin Gong
1303 Expelliramious (NLSC)
Jack Powning
1334 Blade Runner (NLSC)
Akito Koike
1395 Happy (VA12SC)
Charlie Paul
1477 Missing in Action (LC12ftSSC)
Sean McKeon
1495 Eraser (DSC)
Jack Restuccia
1519 Pacman (NLSC)
Alec Huxley
1531 iBoat (DSC)
Tanya Roberts
1599 Thunderstruck (VA12SC)
Max Nearn
2619 Afterburn (DSC)
Toby Ryan
3868 Why So Serious? (DSC)
Velayus Wynne
4519 Sam Huxley (NLSC)
Sam Huxley
7 NLSC boat 7 (NLSC)
Niklas Kappelmann
7014 Viper (LC12ftSSC)
Nick von Behr
7015 The Invisible Hand (LC12ftSSC)
Miles McKeon
7022 Synergy (LC12ftSSC)
Zara Coates
7047 Chicken (VA12SC)
Jamie Bando
7079 Red Herring (LC12tfSSC)
Ed Coates
7115 Usual Suspect (LC12ftSSC)
Tomas Armitstead
7117 Blue Bottle (DSC)
Oscar Moy
7199 Where’s Wally (DSC)
Healy Ryan
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